Form and Fabric in Landscape Architecture: A Visual Introduction

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What is Category Theory Anyway?

We expect the organizers to deliver manuscripts in a form that is essentially ready for direct reproduction. Furthermore, in order to guarantee the timely appearance of the proceedings it is essential that the final version of the entire material be submitted no later than one year after the conference.

The Mathematics of our Universe

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Get the table of contents of every new volume published in Trends in Mathematics. About this series Titles in this series Subseries of this series Titles also in Material submitted for publication must be screened and prepared as follows: All contributions should undergo a reviewing process similar to that carried out by journals and be checked for correct use of language which, as a rule, is English.

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  2. The grand scheme of (mathematical) things.
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    • Rodabaugh c. Keywords Data-mining. Many-valued preorders, hemimetrics, specialization orders, T 0 separation axiom, and spectra.