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Welles had somehow made it to the bottom of the building before it collapsed.

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They learned more. To be so close to an escape but to remain inside was not coincidence.

Summary of Aunt Judy's Story: A Tale From Real Life. Written for the Pennsylvania Anti-Slavery Fair

Likely, it was a choice. Welles made it. He was helping. He was at work. By the th paragraph of the story, Alison stopped, staring at the two sentences: A mysterious man appeared at one point, his mouth and nose covered with a red handkerchief. He was looking for a fire extinguisher. From there, she tracked down one of the survivors featured in the story, a woman named Judy Wein. She and her husband, Gerry, would send the inquiry down the line, to see who might have seen the man, if anyone else spotted a red bandanna.

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A reply came quickly, not from a survivor but the child of one. Richard Young saw the email and wondered if this was the man his mother, Ling, had told him about from the beginning, the man who walked with her down the stairs from the wreckage of the sky lobby, on the 78th floor. As the wing of Flight burst through the wall, the sky lobby exploded. Whatever the dimensions of hell, Ling Young landed inside them.

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The impact had thrown her from one end of the elevator lobby to the other. She was surrounded by scores of the dead and dying. Next to her was a man whose facial features had been shorn off his skull.

“To the Rescue of the Crops”

She gazed down at her body. Only help the ones that you can help. And follow me. Very short hair. At the 61st floor, he urged Young and the woman he was carrying to continue downward. Alison sent Ling Young a picture of her son dressed formally, for his college graduation. To be able to look into the faces of these two lives he saved, to know their names, to hear their voices. But there were still so many unanswered questions.

Namely, how many others on the 78th floor might never have seen the red bandanna but had heard a voice, or seen a hand, or followed a lead that came from Welles? In the spring of , President Obama stood in the footprint of the fallen towers, to speak at the opening of the National September 11 Memorial Museum.

“To the Rescue of the Crops”

Several of the lines were filled in, dated just a month before his death. Now four years later, Jeff hoped Welles would know that although some of the lines would forever be blank, his application to the FDNY was received, his submission reviewed. A Choice. A Legacy. Ihre Welt brach an dem Tag zusammen, an dem sie ihren Job verlor. Begleitet Tippawan auf ihrer Reise durch ein Jahr ihres unglaublichen Lebens.

When Dan Harris, tortured by thoughts of having abandoned his child, impulsively hops on a train and travels around Thailand he begins a journey that irrevocably changes his life. Unknown to Dan, on the train are the very people he will meet on his travels. There is Jim, a fugitive American fleeing Thailand at all costs; Gok, an abused Thai woman trapped in a slave-like marriage to a German watch repairman; Angela, a startlingly beautiful but disturbed South African traveler with a terrible secret and her friend or lover? These peculiar, sometimes intense, and often comical interactions with his fellow travelers help Dan put his life back together again.

However, just as his life seems to have direction, Dan falls for the hypnotic beauty of a disturbed young woman and their highly passionate encounter forces Dan to make a startling decision, one that has unforeseen consequences on his family, his morals and those he cares about the most. Join David, an Englishman in Thailand, on his adventure to discover the truth about this wonderful country.

His journey to find the home of the woman he loves takes him off the beaten track, away from the tourist destinations and far away from the bars of Bangkok.

here A story of love, sacrifice and passion that will test your emotions to the limit. This is what living in Thailand is really all about!

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