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More Views. Sylvie - SY Maximum number of characters: Product Description Additional Information Designer Info Reviews Details Sylvie - This unique diamond engagement ring features a round brilliant center diamond with a total of 0. Sylvie : The Sylvie Collection is designed by a woman for a woman. Created by designer Sylvie, this namesake collection has been inspired by her love of diamonds and celebrates femininity and romance.

It is timeless, with modern sensibilities.

Always Unique. Always You.

Each diamond engagement ring in her 14 collections offers a new standard for affordable luxury and reflects beauty and passion within each design. Product Description. VVS1 IF. Birth date.

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Sign In Create account. Close Recipient Email Send. Way better than other S- names, like Sylvia or Sophie. Terrible name.

Just go for Sylvia, the original, Silvia sounds like saliva , instead of Sill-vee. This is my daughter's name; I absolutely love it.

Sylvie's House

I'm surprised by how often she gets called Sophie. I've never really like Sylvia, but Sylvie is very attractive to me. I think we may use this for our daughter due in June! I love Sylvie as a middle name- it has that French-name quality where it sounds good with everything. It also sounds elegant, yet also charming with a touch of whimsy. I just think it's so much better than the more tired-sounding Sylvia. I'm one of those people who is very picky with their whole name combination- I have to love the middle name as much as the first, so I love that Sylvie has such a lovely sound, and that I love it so much!

Sylvie - SY260

I would spell it Silvie I think Sylvie is a lovely name - I much prefer it to Sylvia which sounds quite harsh to me, Sylvie is much prettier. My best friend has a cat named Sylvester and I call him "Sylvie". I couldn't really imagine using it for any other situation. I'm just not a big fan.

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