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It worried President Kimball to be away so long, but he trusted his young assistant. On one occasion the two were traveling together and had been invited to spend the night in a small log home. George Albert Smith later recalled:. Foul language greeted our ears as we sat up in bed to acquaint ourselves with the circumstances. It was a bright moonlit night and we could see many people on the outside. President Kimball jumped up and started to dress.

The men pounded on the door and used filthy language ordering the Mormons to come out, that they were going to shoot them.

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In just a few seconds the room was filled with shots. Apparently the mob had divided itself into four groups and were shooting into the corners of the house. Splinters were flying over our heads in every direction. There were a few moments of quiet, then another volley of shots was fired and more splinters flew.

I felt absolutely no terror. I was very calm as I lay there, experiencing one of the most horrible events of my life, but I was sure … that the Lord would protect me, and he did. The next morning when we opened the door, there was a huge bundle of heavy hickory sticks such as the mob used to beat the missionaries in the South. Years later George Albert Smith shared this experience with his grandchildren to teach them to trust the Lord.

George Albert and Lucy were released from their mission in June A few months after their return to Salt Lake City, Lucy received a blessing from her grandfather, President Wilford Woodruff, promising her that she would bear children. On November 19, , she gave birth to a daughter they named Emily, and four years later another daughter, Edith, was born.

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Their last child, George Albert Jr. George Albert Smith was an affectionate father, adored by his children. He fulfilled all of my expectations of fatherhood. Everything they did, they did together, after well-laid plans and teamwork. She was precious to him. As a father, George Albert Smith tried earnestly to help his children experience the joy he felt by living the gospel. One Christmas Day, after the gifts had been opened, he asked his young daughters how they would feel about giving away some of their toys to children who had not received any Christmas presents.

Since they had just received new toys, the girls agreed that they could give away some of their old toys to the needy children. His daughters were hesitant, but eventually they agreed to give up one or two of their new toys. George Albert then took the girls to the home of the children he had in mind, and they delivered the gifts. On Tuesday, October 6, , George Albert Smith had a busy day at work and was unable to attend the sessions of general conference that day. By the time he left the office, the afternoon session of conference was nearly over, so he started for home with plans to take his children to the fair.

When he arrived at his house, he was surprised to find a crowd of visitors, one of whom stepped forward and congratulated him warmly. Confused, the visitor returned to the Tabernacle to find out whether she was mistaken. They were all saying that Father was an apostle, and we thought that being an apostle must be the worst thing that could possibly happen to you. After the ordination he was invited to share his feelings with the members of the Quorum of the Twelve present. I desire and pray that I may live pure and humble, so that I may be entitled to the promptings and admonitions of the Spirit to guide me throughout my life.

George Albert Smith served in the Quorum of the Twelve for nearly 42 years, including 2 years as President of the Quorum. During this time he filled many assignments and blessed people around the world in numerous ways. Elder Smith had a natural talent for putting people at ease and turning enemies into friends. He was a man you would just like to know.

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His friendly smile, his hearty handclasp, and the warmth of his greeting made you feel inwardly, in your heart, the sincerity of his friendship for you and for his fellow man. This talent was valuable at a time when the Church was still largely unknown throughout the world and held in suspicion by many.

Once, while fulfilling an assignment in West Virginia, he learned that city officials had threatened to arrest anyone caught preaching Mormonism. Elder Smith met with the city clerk, Mr. Engle, to try to change the policy. Engle he was very sharp in his manner and curtly informed me that we would not be tolerated in that city. He melted down considerable before I left and shook hands with me and gave me his card. I left feeling sure I had removed some prejudice. Elder Smith was always looking for opportunities to talk to people about the Church.

Whenever his assignments required him to travel, he took with him copies of the Book of Mormon, Church magazines, and other Church literature that he hoped to give away. Because the Book of Mormon bears powerful witness of Jesus Christ, Elder Smith considered it an ideal Christmas gift and often mailed copies to friends of other faiths and even to prominent people he had never met.

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I trust therefore that you will accept from me a copy of the Book of Mormon. It cannot fail to broaden the views and increase the spirit of tolerance of all who read it thoughtfully. Elder Smith encouraged Church members to be involved in their communities and to use their influence to improve conditions in the world. He himself was involved in several civic organizations despite his demanding calling as a General Authority. He was elected president of the International Irrigation Congress and Dry Farming Congress, and he was elected to six terms as vice president of the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution.

A strong proponent of aviation as a way for General Authorities to fulfill their travel assignments more efficiently, Elder Smith served on the board of directors of Western Air Lines. He was also actively involved in the Boy Scouts of America and in was awarded the Silver Buffalo, the highest honor given in Scouting.

In the years after World War I he served as Utah state chairman of the Armenian and Syrian Relief campaign and as the state representative at the International Housing Convention, whose purpose was to find shelter for those left homeless by the war. Before his call as an Apostle, George Albert had been active in politics, earnestly campaigning for causes and candidates that he felt would improve society. Once he became a General Authority, his involvement in politics declined, but he continued to advocate causes he believed in. For example, in he helped introduce a bill in the Utah State Legislature that led to the construction of a sanatorium for tuberculosis patients.

As one who suffered from visual impairment himself, Elder Smith felt a special sympathy for those who are blind. He supervised the publication of the Book of Mormon in braille, and he instituted a program to help people who are blind learn to read braille and adapt to their disability in other ways. His efforts endeared him to those he served. One member of the Society for the Aid of the Sightless expressed her appreciation through a poem that was presented to Elder Smith on his 70th birthday:. In partnership with God. For most of his life, George Albert did not have particularly good health.

Though he enjoyed swimming, horseback riding, and other physical activities, his body was frail and often weak. Besides his chronic eye problems, Elder Smith suffered from stomach and back pain, constant fatigue, heart trouble, and many other ailments throughout his life.

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  5. The stress and pressure of his many responsibilities also took a toll on him, and at first he was unwilling to slow his busy pace in order to preserve his health. As a result, from to he fought an illness so severe that it kept him bedridden and prevented him from fulfilling his duties in the Quorum of the Twelve. It was a very trying time for Elder Smith, who wanted desperately to resume his service. Years later he shared the following experience he had had during this period:. In fact, I think everyone gave up on me but my wife. It was a slow and exhausting effort for me even to turn over in bed.

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    I found myself standing with my back to a large and beautiful lake, facing a great forest of trees. There was no one in sight, and there was no boat upon the lake or any other visible means to indicate how I might have arrived there. I realized, or seemed to realize, that I had finished my work in mortality and had gone home. I followed this trail, and after I had walked for some time and had traveled a considerable distance through the forest, I saw a man coming towards me.

    In mortality he weighed over three hundred pounds, so you may know he was a large man. I remember how happy I was to see him coming. I had been given his name and had always been proud of it. His stopping was an invitation for me to stop. Quickly this vivid retrospect came down to the very time I was standing there.

    My whole life had passed before me. I smiled and looked at my grandfather and said:. So I want to say to the boys and girls, to the young men and women, to the youth of the Church and of all the world: Honor your fathers and your mothers. Honor the names that you bear.

    Eventually Elder Smith began to regain his strength, and he emerged from this trial with a renewed sense of gratitude for his testimony of the truth. But, never for one moment did that testimony that my Heavenly Father has blessed me with become dimmed. The nearer I went to the other side, the greater was my assurance that the gospel is true. Now that my life has been spared I rejoice to testify that I know the gospel is true, and with all my soul I thank my Heavenly Father that he has revealed it to me. Various physical ailments and other adversities continued to afflict Elder Smith in the coming years. Perhaps his greatest trial came in the years to , when his wife, Lucy, suffered from arthritis and neuralgia. She was in great pain and by required almost constant care. Then a heart attack in April nearly took her life and left her even weaker than before. Though he worried about Lucy constantly, Elder Smith continued to perform his duties as best he could. On November 5, , he spoke at the funeral of a friend, and as he sat down after his address, someone handed him a note telling him to return home immediately.