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The bible sat in Ankara until before getting transferred to the Ankaran Ethnography Museum via police escort. Nobody stepped up to claim either piece. The Vatican was very interested in getting a look at it, for obvious reasons. Experts were however divided over the provenance of the manuscript, and whether it was an original, which would render it priceless, or a fake.

Other questions surround the discovery of the ancient bible, whether the smugglers had had other copies of the relic or had smuggled them from Turkey. This discovery turns modern Christianity on its head! Barnabas is available to read at Sacred Texts but in an ugly format. The fun starts at chapter where Judas is bringing the soldiers to where Jesus is. God then gets back at Judas by transforming him to look and sound like Jesus. Verily I say that the voice, the face, and the person of Judas were so like to Jesus, that his disciples and believers entirely believed that he was Jesus; wherefore some departed from the doctrine of Jesus, believing that Jesus had been a false prophet, and that by art magic he had done the miracles which he did: for Jesus had said that he should not die till near the end of the world; for that at that time he should be taken away from the world.

Interesting as literature, though. I suppose that false prophet notion is part of why Barnabas is considered a Muslim gospel in some circles. Also, nobody can conclusively determine, Christian or Muslim, whether the Barnabas book is a product of fraud or an authentic record. There is the Gospel of Barnabas and the Epistle of Barnabas. These are two very different books. The Gospel of Barnabas is the book promoted by Muslims today, while the Epistle of Barnabas is an ancient Christian book which teaches about the lordship, death and resurrection of Jesus.

What Are Noncanonical Writings?

The Epistle of Barnabas is freely available and thoroughly Christian. The distinction between these two books needs to be understood because sometimes people confuse them; they think that a reference to the Epistle of Barnabas is a reference to the Gospel of Barnabas, but it is not.

They are two completely different books. The Gospel of Barnabas is promoted by Muslims as an original Gospel written by the man named Barnabas[1] who it is claimed was a disciple of Jesus p.

Why did the Christians hide the gospel of Barnabas?

Thus they claim it was written by a Jewish man in the 1st century A. If Barnabas really is the author then it is reasonable to expect that he would be familiar with the basic facts of Jewish life at this time. We will now consider this book to see if he does. The word Christ is the Greek translation for the Hebrew word Messiah. This word is not an obscure or rarely used word, on the contrary it is one of the most famous words in the Jewish and Christian religions. There is no doubt that a religious Jew like Barnabas would have been very familiar with this word.

At the very start of the Gospel of Barnabas Jesus is called the Christ: God has during these past days visited us by his prophet Jesus Christ p.

However, throughout the book Jesus denies being the Messiah: Jesus confessed and said the truth, "I am not the Messiah " chap. How can Jesus be the Christ and deny being the Messiah when both words mean exactly the same thing? Whoever wrote this book did not know the Greek meaning of the word Christ is Messiah.

Barnabas was a Hebrew who lived on the island of Cyprus, a Greek-speaking island, and travelled around the 1st century Greek-speaking world! In chapter 3 we are told that Herod and Pilate both ruled in Judea at the time of Jesus' birth: There reigned at that time in Judaea Herod, by decree of Caesar Augustus, and Pilate was governor. This is historically wrong for Herod and Pilate never ruled Judea at the same time.

Herod ruled Judea alone from B. In chapters of this book we are told about Jesus sailing to Nazareth and being welcomed by the seamen of that town. He then leaves Nazareth and goes up to Capernaum:. There is a major error in this account. Nazareth was not a fishing village, in fact it was about 14 km from the sea of Galilee and situated in the hills of a mountain range! However the author of this book does not!

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This casts doubt over the claim that he was a disciple of Jesus. It also make us doubt that he ever lived in that region. Conclusion: the Gospel of Barnabas makes basic mistakes about the language, history and geography of the Jewish world in the 1st century A. These types of mistakes cast doubt over the claim that it was written by Barnabas in the 1st century. The Gospel of Barnabas overwhelmingly supports the teaching of Islam. However, there are a few rare occasions when it does not.

Marriage in the Qur'an binds a woman to one man but it does not bind a man to one woman.

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Muslim men are free to have several wives Qur'an and an unlimited number of female servants Qur'an However, the Gospel of Barnabas teaches the Biblical idea of marriage, that marriage binds a man and a woman equally together:. The Qur'an clearly teaches that Mary had pain when she gave birth to Jesus:. However, the Gospel of Barnabas teaches the opposite: The virgin was surrounded by a light exceeding bright, and brought forth her son without pain chap.

The Qur'an teaches that there are seven heavens: The seven heavens and the earth praise Him Qur'an , Pickthall. However the Gospel of Barnabas teaches that there are nine heavens:. The Jubilee year is a celebration commanded by God in the Torah. It was to be observed every fifty years:. In the year A. However the next Pope, Clement VI, changed it back to every 50 years, and so it was celebrated in A.

The author of the Gospel of Barnabas has unknowingly accepted the Pope's false decree as true and included it in his book. For in the Gospel of Barnabas these words are put on Jesus' lips:. Dante was a famous and popular poet of the 14th and later centuries. Among Dante's work is a book of poetry called, The Divine Comedy. Dante describes ascending through nine heavens, with paradise being the 10th.

The author of the Gospel of Barnabas describes, in the same way as Dante, nine heavens before paradise:. It appears that the author of the Gospel of Barnabas could have taken the idea of the nine heavens from reading Dante. The manuscript evidence for this book is from after the 14th century.

The oldest copies are written in Italian and Spanish and these are dated from the 15th century A. So far we have seen that the author of the Gospel of Barnabas was not familiar with the language, history or geography of the time of Jesus. He also has several 14th century ideas in his book and the manuscript evidence dates from the 15th century onwards. It therefore is reasonable to conclude that the Gospel of Barnabas was composed in the 14th century A. Is this a reasonable conclusion? It seems so because even some Islamic scholars agree with this dating:.

The contents of the Dead Sea Scrolls have been public knowledge for many years and you can learn for yourself what scrolls were discovered by going to any major library and reading a book on the subject.

Letter of Barnabas

What is common knowledge is that no part of the Gospel of Barnabas has been found among these scrolls. This is an important fact to know because some Muslims have put pictures of the Dead Sea Scrolls on the cover of their editions of the Gospel of Barnabas. This is an attempt to deceive people into thinking that the Gospel of Barnabas in an ancient document.

The book shown to the right is an example of this deceitful behaviour.

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  5. In many modern editions of the Gospel of Barnabas there is an introduction or appendix entitled, "How the Gospel of Barnabas Survived". For many people what Rahim has written has convinced them of the antiquity of the Gospel of Barnabas. For this reason I will now examine in detail the evidence he gives. Rahim makes this claim but you will notice he provides no evidence for it.

    I am not aware of any evidence, and until some evidence is provided this claim is baseless. Again we see Rahim make a claim but not provide any evidence for it. He claims that the early church theologian, Irenaeus, quoted the gospel of Barnabas as he opposed the Apostle Paul.

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